Old Fences and Clothes Pins

What do you do with old fence boards and clothes pins? You make frames or picture holders.


I had found this 3 tier sign saying – Live, Laugh, Love with stars.  Since my family room is Texas themed, I knew it would fit in.  However I had to tweak it.   I painted over the sayings and cut out my kids names in colored paper.  Modge podged them on and hung it under my souvenir clock from Walt Disney World.    Next I wanted to add some pics of the kids around their names.   So I slept on it (for a few weeks).  It came to me in a dream.  I probably saw something similar on Pintrest but this is my interpretation.    I found fence and pallet boards in my trash pile.   Just dusted them off.  The patina and length were perfect.  I got Dollar Store clothes pins that I glued on with heavy duty adhesive, added a hanger on the back and the arranged them.   My pics are from our Florida vacation so it all works out.



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