Artisan, crafter, photographer



I realized that I have been trying to label myself and by doing that, I have been limiting my creativity.   I’m a crafter, crocheter, seamstress, artist, and now photographer.   Ultimately I’m an ARTISAN.

So you will see many sides of this Artisan.   Recently at another artist meetup, a quote was stated that summed up most of us artists….”I make because I must”.  We are not trapped by just one medium.

Over the past year I have been working on growing as a photographer.  Taking classes, watching youtube, participating in photog meetups, and doing weekly challenges.   This journey can be seen on my flickr page.

Since I am striving to become a professional instead of just an amateur photographer, I decided to separate it from Aellisdesigns.   It is called Lantana Studios.

However you will probably see some of those pics here as well.

Love,  Amy (the Artisan)



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